Republican Laurie McPhillips runs for Will County Clerk

My initial role was in Business Development, then elevated to County Board Supervisor and again to Director of Operations to the County Management, operating the day to day operations of about 15 Departments, including Finance, Highways, Land Use, plus It. For 12 years I was additionally responsible for preparing and enacting the County’s Spending plan. During this time see this site period I additionally worked 2 jobs to receive my Associates Degree in Business Management and Bachelor’s focusing in Business Management.

For 4 years I also functioned as the Recorder of Deeds, providing the 1st ever "On Line" property records research system, digitizing records back to the 1960’s, opening up a satellite office via intergovernmental cooperation with DuPage Township, sharing information together with the Veteran’s Assistance Commission as well as all government bodies-saving tax money, and winning the County Auditor’s fiscal responsibility award for saving the most tax dollars.

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